Sakura Time in Japan

It's very windy today. I was so worried that all cherry blossom trees are blown away.
So I went to Yoyogi park after work. Yoyogi park is a big park near Shibuya. If you know Vloggers in Japan, Tokyocooney organize the hanami party every year in the park. I went to the party last year. Unfortunately, we had a big earthquake this year. So I think that he didn't organize it this year.
Here are some pictures I took today. They are not great pictures. I don't have a fancy camera. But I hope you enjoy seeing some Sakura.
I'm going to post more pictures on facebook fan page later.


TJB left Tokyo.

My bro, TJB was living in Tokyo for a year. It was nice to be able to hang out with him often.
He is a cool brother to have. Today I helped him to move out and cancel his apartment. And I got a nice present! I got an air filter!! Yikes!! Well, he had it because parents bought it for him. But he didn't use it so often. I wanted to buy it, so I took it :D Yay for me!!

About the earthquake 3.11.2011