It's a bit late update for this. But I'm going to post it anyway.
This video is my 100th video. I've been thinking about what I want to do for that. I've already talked about it on the previous blog post.
This is what I've done! Hahaha.

I moved to Tokyo last year. And I've been observing a lot of gyaru girls in Tokyo. It is a lot of fun to see them. They look like completely different creatures for me. Maybe I'm getting old...
I don't mean that they are weird. They are just different.
They gave me a lot of ideas for my videos. Thank you, Tokyo gyaru!!

I enjoyed making it.
I appreciate all your nice comments. You guys seem to like thatcooljapanesegirl!! I like her too!! LOL.

Thank you very much for watching my videos. 感謝しています!ありがとう!!