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I hope a lot of people got it right! Was it too easy for you? Or too difficult for you?
I quickly explained why b is correct and why a and c are not correct. Did you understand?
The English sentence is "Zombies are not scary." a, b, and c are all negative sentences. Did you notice that? I'm going to explain a bit more here on my blog.

a. ゾンビは、こわいじゃない。Zombie wa kowai janai.
Why is it wrong? Because kowai is i-adjective. "janai" is used for the negative form with na-adjective.
For example, "げんきじゃない" "Genki janai"
Genki na is na-adjective. So when you make a negative form, you use "janai" at the end, and you get rid of "na" from "genki na". "Kowai" is i-adjective. That's why a is a wrong answer.

b.ゾンビは、こわくない。Zombie wa kowaku nai.
As I said, kowai is i-adjective. When you make a negative form, you use "nai" at the end, and get rid of "i" from kowai. This is the correct answer.

c. ゾンビは、かわいくない。Zombie wa kawaiku nai.
Some people get confused "kawaii" and "kowai" sounds. So I thought that it might be a good one for multiple choice question.
kawaii is cute. kowai is scary. They are completely different meaning. So please be careful.
You don't want to say" your cat is scary!" Right?


Peter Jackson is crazy!

I watched Toy Story 3, Dead Alive (Brain Dead), and Back to the future last night.
I'm not a big fan of Toy Story. But a lot of people said that it's a good movie. I watched it.
Ummm..... It was ok. It didn't make me become a Toy Story fan. Oh! I almost forgot about Ken!! That character is so funny. I liked it!

The second one... Oh my goodness. I LOVE zombie movies. BUT it was.... Not my favorite. It was wrong in so many ways!! The most disgusting thing I've ever seen was the big mama zombie. Actually it wasn't a zombie any more!!
I've been watching a lot of movies since I was little. My parents let me watch a lot of zombie movies too. So I didn't expect that I get disgusted by a movie! It was very entertaining. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed watching it, but I don't think that I want to watch it again.
After I watched Dead Alive, I had to watch something nice to get rid of the big mama zombie image from my head.
Back to the future!!!! It's one of my favorite movies. Who doesn't like this movie? It worked well. I felt much better after watching a good movie :D Hahaha.

I think you want to see the big mama zombie now! Right?