I love Wendy's! Please don't leave Japan!!

OMG! I'm freaking out!! Zensho group decided to end the contract with Wendy's at the end of this year!! It means we won't have Wendy's next year!


Please tell me this is a lie... Wendy's, please don't leave Japan!


Are you ready for Christmas?

I got this app "Christmas Tree Decorator" on my iPhone today. You can decorate your tree! It makes me so happy and excited!! Also I ordered a gingerbread house kit!!!!!!!! Yeah!! I'm ready for Christmas.
I haven't been excited about Christmas for a few years. But this app and a gingerbread house kit made me love Christmas again. Hope you all have happy holidays!


Gingerbread house kit

I want a gingerbread house kit!!!!
I don't know what my problem is recently. I want a camera, I want a gingerbread house kit...etc Christmas is evil!! This Christmas atmosphere makes me want to buy a lot of stuff. This is not good. Especially I shouldn't spend too much money right now.
I want to enjoy new years eve. So I need to save some money for that.

But this gingerbread house kit shouldn't be too expensive. So I'm going to buy it anyway! Hahaha. The problem is I don't know where I can buy it. Maybe Costco or IKEA should have it. Right? I've never seen a gingerbread house at Japanese grocery stores. Damn it!
I checked online shops. Some shops have it. But they are so expensive! They are more than 3000 yen! No way!!
I hope amazon can ship it to Japan.

Monthly Takarajima magazine translation

Viewers watching Japanese lesson videos say, "Marry me!"

She has been uploading Japanese lesson videos in English on Youtube since January 2009. Viewers who like to learn Japanese language and about Japanese culture have left comments and messages such as "Beautiful!" and "Marry me!"

She has appeared on a NHK TV show. She lives in Kyoto and as a result, her Kansai dialect lesson videos "Seyanaa" and "Honmani?" are very popular. She uploads a video about once a week.

She used to be an English teacher and she is now studying to be a translator.


Canon IXY digital 930 IS

I WANT AN IXY DIGITAL 930 IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw this camera today. And I found out this camera takes MOV file video!! It means I don't need to convert the file to edit!! AWESOME!!!
And it has touch panel like iPhone. There are four colors. Purple, silver, brown and blue. I want a purple one!
It was released in September 2009. I think it's released only in Japan. Maybe they're going to release similar one in US later. I'm not sure. This model is called Canon powershot SD something in US. I don't know why they often change the name though.
Don't you want it?

This is the Japanese Canon website.