TJG becomes Lady GaGa?

Too much time, too much hair, Let's become Lady GaGa!!
I was getting ready to go out. Then, I thought "wow! My hair is long enough to make Ribon like Lady GaGa!!" So this is the result.

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Disneyland with Youtubers!

I'm still excited! And also very tired. Hahaha. I had a great time with Elevencolors, Tolokyo, Wizleet and Sayaka at Disneyland. I've been there many times before. But I think it's the first time to go there with friends.
Thank you everyone! I'm looking forward to edit the video!! It was nice to meet you guys today!

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I'm in Takarajima magazine!

OMG!! I'm in Takarajima magazine!! Takarajima is a big magazine company. I think you can get the idea what kind of magazine it is here.

現宝島社、元JICC出版局 (Takarajima-sha, ex JICC Publishing)

現在はアイドル兼エロ専門の雑誌と成り下がってしまったが、A5判サイズだった頃の70年代末から80年後期に於いては日本のサブ・カルチャーを牽引していた偉大な雑誌です。73年に創刊の『ワンダーランド』と言う雑誌を起源とし『宝島』と成ってからその後判型が移行するに従い内容もどんどん変わって行くのです。雑誌が生き残るためには必要であったかもしれないが日本でのテクノポップ/ニュー・ウェイヴ・ブーム期と重なる80年から86年ごろが『宝島』が一番生き生きしていたのです。現在この時期の『宝島』に相当する雑誌は見つからない。あえて言えば『Quick Japan』か。宝島社の『別冊宝島』、『VOW』のその片鱗を伺うのみです。これは私の希望企画ですが、この時期の『宝島』に記事を元にして『別冊宝島』から『テクノポップ大百科』とか出版すれば結構売れると思うのですが、どうでしょう。古書店では普通の号は五百円前後、人気のある号は千円以上の値が付いてます。

It became just a magazine on idols and eros, it used to be a great magazine leading Japanese subculture between the end of 70's and late 80's when it was in A5 size. Its origin is the magazine "Wonderland" published in '73. Since it became "Takarajima", the content changed a lot as the size changed. "Takarajima" had its peak time between '80 and '86 overlapping the boom period of Techno Pop and New Wave while the change may have been necessary to survive. Currently, I cannot find the equivalent magazine to "Takarajima". If I dare to say, it's "Quick Japan". I can see its essence in "Takarajima Extra Edition" and "VOW" from Takarajima-sha. I think they should publish "Techno Pop Encyclopedia" as "Takarajima Extra Edition" based on the articles in "Takarajima" during this period. What do you think? In the used book shops, the normal issues are sold around \500 and the popular ones are priced over \1,000.
From March 2000, Takarajima became weekly. Takarajima has been changing as years go by, and in this renewal it became low-blow SPA!. The recommended article is "Tomoki Yoshimura (who calls himself as a B-class writer)'s Night Kayokyoku". I wonder he plans to publish a book like Mr. Chikada.

I'm so excited!! It's weird to see myself in a magazine though. I don't think you can read this magazine online. But I think you can buy it online. Hahaha.

I'd like to make a video about this. But I'm not sure I can show the magazine in my video. Becuase I'm worried about copy right things... :(

If I can't show it in my video, I'll put better picture of the page here!! Then, you can read it!! And also I'll try to translate it!

Thank you for all your comments!! You guys made me so happy!!

Hope you enjoy it!!


Meet at Disneyland!!

Did you watch Elevencolors' video?? They are going to film Fatblueman's Christmas collab video clip at Disneyland!! I'll be there too!! You have to be there before 7 pm on Thursday ( Nov 26). I hope more people can make it!! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there!!