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My favorite place in my house & my camera

I'd like to show you my favorite places in my house.

My make up table :
It was my dream to have a make up table! My dream has come true!!! Yay! And I hang all my big earrings and necklaces on the board. So it looks organized :)
All my accessories were on the table before. I wanted to keep this area
clean. I'm very happy to have my cosy girly place.


化粧台 :

My studio :
I just want to call this room my studio. Hahaha. I'm making videos here. There are a background, two lights and a tripod. I need to get another light and smaller tripod. But I don't have money!!
I might change the set up later. Because I don't have enough room between the background and the camera.        

My camera :
I love my red Xacti CA9. It's a nice camera!! I really wanted to have a red camera. This Xacti is so pretty. And this color is exactly what I wanted. It's easy to hold. Especially for girls who have small hands like me.
Also you can take pictures and video both. But honestly taking pictures with Xacti is not so fun. You have to hold the button to take pictures. So when I asked my friend to take pictures for me, she couldn't take any pictures. I think this camera is built for taking videos.
Another reason why I love it, it's water proof! I don't need to worry about rain! It's awesome!!
If you don't have cameras, I recommend it.

カメラ :
うちのお気に入りの赤のXacti CA9!すごい良いカメラやと思う。どうしても赤のカメラが欲しかったから、もうすごいステキ!まさに欲しかった色やし。ビデオ撮るにも持ちやすいし、うちみたいな小さな手の女の子にもかなりおすすめです。(まあうちはもう女の”子”ではないけど)


Kick the baby! ( hey! I'm joking!!)

I'm going to visit my neighbor today!! I'm excited!!
It's always exciting to make new friends. They have a brand new baby. What should I bring?? I can't make anything like cakes. Should I bring my camera instead? Probably not...
I've never held a baby. So I'd like to try. It'll be a nice feeling I imagine...
I really want to bring my camera!! Is it rude? It's kinda rude, right?
I'll try not to drop the baby :) I'll be a good fake mom! Hahaha.


This is the first blog... Not vlog!! Hahaha.

I'd like to talk about some stories from making videos and a little bit about my life.

First, I'd like to thank to everyone who is watching my videos on Youtube.
It has been so much fun! When I started making videos, I didn't think I keep doing this. Of course, I didn't have lights, background and green screen. But it's very addictive! I spend more time in front of my macbook now! Some people think it's sad. I don't think so. It's my hobby. And it's something I can do and I can enjoy in my free time. If you are thinking about starting Youtube, be careful! It's VERY ADDICTIVE! Ask Gimmeaflakeman! He knows exactly what I mean!! LOL.

It's hard to believe it's almost 1 year since I started making videos on Youtube. And I could meet a lot of cool people through Youtube.
I didn't think I can make friends online before. Maybe I'm too old! Hahaha. But actually I could make some friends.

I think this blog thing is kinda addictive too... Oh noz!!